the village outlet

"An outlet

like no other”

Created and operated by Compagnie de Phalsbourg and Freeport retail, The Village is the new French Outlet.
the perfect place to do your shopping or to spend a unique day.

The Village outlet (Wishibam)
Brand identity & design ui
6 months

The challenge

Our challenge was to redefine the online shopping experience for a renowned shopping center, The Village Outlet. Despite its high-end status, the site needed to reflect outlet prices while providing a great user experience.

The goal

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the process

Our redesign process began with an in-depth analysis of the existing system, followed by the creation of a distinct graphic charter and a new tree structure. Then we designed every aspect, from home pages to product sheets, with a focus on usability and aesthetics.

Home page

The homepage has been redesigned to capture the essence of luxury at outlet prices. Elegant visuals, intuitive navigation and attractive promotions invite visitors to explore the online store as soon as they arrive.

Product page

The product sheets have been designed to highlight each item. High-quality images, detailed descriptions and personalized recommendations have been integrated to help customers make informed decisions.


The purchasing process has been simplified with an intuitive shopping cart and a seamless journey from add to checkout. The registration/login page provides a seamless experience, while dynamic product carousels keep customers engaged.