solstice soundwaves

"A Bewitching

Symphony of


Sound harmony and energetic vibrations
for an unforgettable festival experience !

rvb challenge
2 weeks

The challenge

As a passionate graphic designer, I took part in a captivating Instagram challenge (RGB Challenge), highlighting the "Solstice Soundwaves" festival. This artistic experiment asked the graphic designers to visually translate the spellbinding essence of this musical festival which fuses the magic of sunsets with fiery melodies.

The goal

My goal was to give a captivating graphic identity to Solstice Soundwaves, reflecting the unique sound experience it offers. From the creation of the logotype to the development of its graphic charter, through the design of various elements of visual communication, my work aimed to convey the harmony, energy and captivation of the festival.


The methodical approach I took involved a deep immersion in the vision of the festival. I tapped into the essence of melodies, sunsets and vibrations to create a harmonious visual identity. Each graphic element has been carefully crafted to resonate with the soul of Solstice Soundwaves.

social media

I used social networks as a canvas to gradually unveil the visual identity of the festival. Every post, be it a poster, badge or banner, has helped weave Solstice Soundwaves' immersive story,
sparking anticipation among festival-goers.

RVB Challenge

Finally, I orchestrated the posting of all the elements and charters to meet the Instagram challenge. Every detail has been meticulously arranged to present a coherent and captivating graphic identity, ready to challenge the creators of the Instagram community.