"The future is in

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Magellan reinvents the user experience, creator of tailor-made business software and innovative solutions that strengthen your company's competitiveness.

magellan (concept)
identity & Design UI
2 months

The challenge

The challenge was to create a modern and dynamic brand image for Magellan, while conveying its commitment to innovation and technology. It was important to capture the essence of the business while creating a design that was instantly recognizable and memorable to potential customers.

The goal

the process

The creative process began with actively listening to the needs of Magellan and its customers. I worked in close collaboration with the Magellan team to understand their objectives and their vision for their company and to develop, together, the new graphic identity of the company and then the realization of their landing page to present their different services.


Together with the Magellan team, we created a unique graphic identity for the company that reflects its commitment to innovation and technology. We chose a modern and dynamic color palette, as well as a simple and easily recognizable logo to create a strong and memorable brand image.

Design ui

The responsive landing page we created presents the software solutions in a clear and effective way. We used a simple and clean design so that customers can easily navigate the page and find the information they need. We also made sure the landing page was easily recognizable and memorable for customers, using the same color palette and logo as Magellan's graphic identity.