Lord of games

"Our passion

has no limit”

Lord of Games is a media and audiovisual production company specializing in gaming. The fascinating world of gaming through exceptional content.

Lord of games
identity & motion design
2 months
2022 - 2023

The challenge

As art director and motion designer, I took up the challenge of creating the visual identity and dynamic and captivating visual content that corresponded to the needs and expectations of Lord of Games and its audience. I had to adapt quickly to new changes and trends to deliver relevant and top quality content.

The goal

the process

As artistic director and motion designer, I have set up a rigorous and efficient production process to guarantee the quality of the content. I worked closely with Lord of Games to understand their needs and expectations. I also worked with our team of experienced professionals in audiovisual production to create quality content and also cover the various interviews.


As art director, I created the visual identity of Lord of Games. I designed a unique logo that represents our passion for video games and our commitment to quality. I also created a graphic charter that uses bright colors and dynamic graphic elements to bring our content to life.


I was able to participate in the realization of interviews of high level esports players for Lord of Games. I worked closely with our audiovisual production team to create captivating and informative content that shows behind the scenes of the world of gaming.